Black Birthing Resources

As part of my practice, I want to focus on the whole woman as she experience childbirth - emotionally, physically and mentally. Below are resources for women of color by women of color. It is so important to listen, see images and read accounts about the beauty of birthing black.

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Birth stories in color podcast

This podcast provides listeners a mixture of wonder, affirmation, and healing as community is being created for people of color. Listening to the birth stories from women of color is such a treasure because it is not norm. These podcasts are resources for you to find comfort, celebrate, and reflect upon the journey of motherhood.

Birth United

Founder, Chinelle Rojas, has a simple but a powerful mission. She wants to bring awareness to women of color the options available to them through the imagery of birth. By having more women of color document their births, we can change how women of color see birthing and the narrative that surrounds women of color giving birth. If you are looking for a birth photographer, check out Birth United to find a birth photographer near you.

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mater mea


mater mea helps Black moms live their best lives. We do this through sharing motherhood stories that get real real about this work-life juggle; getting and giving expert advice on everything from finding a midwife to handling microaggressions at work; and sharing resources that can help make being a mom a little easier and a lot less lonely.