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July 22, 2019

Discovering your Personal Question

Ashley Causey-Golden

Will I be a good mom? Am I strong enough for this? Do I trust my body?


These may be a few of your personal questions that have crossed your mind but creating time to identify that question is a step toward manifesting the birth you envision.

Understanding birth is not all about mastering birth lingo, learning comfort moves and sitting in birth education 101 classes, the preparation must start internally. I say that with certainty because birth is not only physical. Even though the workshops, classes, and books are focused on the physiological aspects of birth, there are spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of birth that are essential for your birth preparation. I encourage all my clients to explore and connect with the spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of birth because birth is unpredictable. Even with a foolproof birth plan and a rockstar birth team, birth is more than external forces. Birth can veer from how you visualized it and to be prepared for the exhilarating rollercoaster of birth, you need to start with your personal question.

Uncovering your personal question is a question that only you can answer. It is not a question that Google can answer, or a podcast can address or even a self-help book can solve because those sources of information are not you. They are portals of knowledge about birth, but those sources cannot answer your internal question.  Building a practice to allow space for your innermost thoughts is necessary as you work towards discovering your personal question.

Here are a few helpful nuggets of advice to help you discover your personal question

1.       Sit in silence


I know. How can you sit in silence when there are so many thoughts, worries, concerns, and questions swirling around your mind 24/7? Please give yourself grace as you embark upon this journey. As you settle into taking a silent moment, focus on your breath as you take a cleansing breath in. When a thought comes to the surface, acknowledge it and ask yourself “Why is this important right now?” Your answer may help you better understand and get to the root of your personal question, especially if you notice that your recent actions were made out of fear and anxiety. Whether you can sit for 3 minutes or 60 minutes, the process should be your focus instead of the amount of time you sit in silence.

2.       Write it out


Journaling is another part of the process. As you uncover questions during your silence practice, write them down. It can be bullet journaling, vision journaling, or just plain old traditional journaling. Writing down your personal questions can help you mentally and visually process your journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

3.       Give Yourself Grace


A phrase that you have probably heard a million times again and again. The real question becomes how can you give yourself grace when you are depleted? Giving yourself grace first starts with building up your reserve so that you can freely and openly bless yourself with grace with each setback within your journey. Daily affirmations can help you realign your thinking especially as you grow in your silent practice. As you start to uncover your personal question, negativity and self-doubt might bubble as mental blocks. One way to navigate around those barriers is by using affirmations. Affirmations are personal reminders for you to know that everything you need to approach birth is within you.

Birth is fiercely personal and unique. As you navigate your pregnancy remember that you are the right and only person who can answer the personal question that is within you.

Sending you peace, grace, and strength for the journey ahead.