I became a doula because the best way to conquer fear is to meet it head-on and address it along with all the other unprocessed feelings that come when you are getting to the root of an issue.

As a Black woman, I was afraid to give birth because I knew that my skin color would be the deciding factor for me to not receive the care I needed. The thought of that was made me not want to bring a child into this world until I found the doula profession.

The idea of providing support, love, and guidance during one of the most vulnerable and empowering times in an individual’s life allowed me the opportunity to conquer my fear in a community with other black women.

That is why I doula so that no one has to make that journey alone.

  • Professionally trained birth and postpartum doula from Birth Life International

  • 2018-2019 Manhattan Birth Mentor Program—currently being mentored by Tanya Wills and Emilie Rodriguez

  • Lactation for Doulas